19 Sep

7 Halloween Cupcake Ideas

Spooky and eerie or funny and frightful, Halloween cupcakes are a hit with everyone. Decorate your cupcakes for the season using these easy ideas.

The Snake

Tap into the primal fear with a snake on your table. Frost a batch of cupcakes with green icing, and place them on a large tray in an “S” shape. Draw 3 black stripes down the entire line of cupcakes (except the first and last ones). Draw squinty snake eyes on the first cupcake and pop a licorice vine in the front like a tongue. Draw a rattle on the last one. I’ve had guests refuse to be in the room with these cupcakes.

The Grave

An open grave invites people to peer into the unknown, a hole full of bones. Make chocolate cupcakes. Dig a small hole in the middle with a spoon. Frost around the hole with green for grass and crumble the bit of grave dirt you took from the middle on top. Place candy bones in the hole. Do you dare eat what might just be human remains?

The Eyeball

Buy some large googly eyes (they don’t have to be edible). Frost your Halloween cupcakes white and stick a googly eye in the middle. Kids love to play with the eyes after eating the cupcake. To make this scarier, place a plastic spider ring on the edge and draw a few red lines to make the eye bloodshot.

The Potion

Will it make you larger or will is make you small? Frost a cupcake with green icing. Place a small pretzel stick out of the top edge to look like a straw. Find the strangest, most colorful sprinkles and cover the top with them. Presto! You have witched up a magic potion.

The Brains

Zombies around the world love a nice stack of bloody brains. Frost the cupcake in a light color. Place a large dab of edible fake blood or red icing in the middle of the top. Press half of a walnut into the red. A brain oozing blood is now sitting on your Halloween cupcake.

The Witch’s Hat

A pointed hat is a great place to hide a treat. Place a pointed ice cream cone on top of a cupcake. Lift the edge and slip a piece of candy or another surprise inside. Frost the outside of the cone purple and draw a buckle in black on the front. See who finds the treat first!

The Ghost

A spirit perches on top of your Halloween cupcakes. Draw (or frost) a ghostly face on the side of a marshmallow. Use frosting to bring the top to a point and plop the new ghost onto the cupcake. Fancy people make the ghosts out of merengue, but younger ones will appreciate if you choose the marshmallow instead.

These seven Halloween cupcake ideas will add chills and thrills to your spread. I always have fun making these with decorating assistants – it’s a good cause for a mini-party.