02 Nov

How To Find College Essay Help To Get Accepted Into Ivy League School

It’s a well-known fact that admissions into the most prestigious colleges have become increasingly competitive. The eight Ivy League schools ( Brown Harvard, Cornell, Yale, UPenn, Dartmouth, Princeton, and Columbia) are in a league of their own when it comes to selective schools, with an average admission rate of only 9%. Elite academics or elite performance are paramount to getting accepted into one of the Ivies or other top schools in the US, the UK, and Canada, but be advised that supplemental essays are also required by these prestigious schools and these essays can ultimately make the difference.

This is why, if you’re applying for Ivy League schools, it’s in your best interest to consider getting college essay help from an experienced and talented college admissions consultant at a premier Ivy League college consulting firm like Ivy Select, who serves as an independent educational consultant (IEC) and specializes in college essay writing. An awe-inspiring, personal essay and additional essays are key differentiators and go a long way in terms of improving your chances of gaining admission into an Ivy League school or another top-tier, highly selective college.

Working with a dedicated college essay help specialist who has your best interest at heart will give you much-needed peace of mind during these stressful times, by also providing you with insight into how college admissions officers evaluate and differentiate college essays. Your college admissions counselor will expertly guide you through the process of crafting authentic and winning essays to maximize your competitive admissions stature, every step of the way, while helping you avoid pitfalls. Your essays should be powerfully personal, authentic, and reflect your life themes but in a cohesive manner.

Discovering and putting together your life themes are of the essence for crafting awesome essays that will give you a competitive edge, which is why you should consider working with a reputable and trusted college admissions consultant who will effectively help you conceptualize standout essays. In addition. to college essay assistance, your counselor will help you tailor your college application to align with your dream school’s philosophy, specialties, and culture.

If you are an elite student, student-athlete, international student, or transfer student and you’re interested in getting dependable college essay help from a top Ivy League college admissions counselor, do not hesitate to get in touch with Ivy Select by phone at (877) IVY TOP1, by email at ivyselect@gmail.com, or by filling out the contact form on its website ivyselect.com to schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation.